Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 6: The Rain

Today I am thankful for the rain! It was raining today (well yesterday since I am a day late in writing this) and I really do love the rain. I had to do some errands today and the rain made it a little bit more difficult, but that didn't stop me from being thankful of the rain. Whenever it is raining it feels great to be bundled up indoors. It also leaves huge puddles outside that my oldest gets to stomp around in and watching him have so much fun makes me happy. I REALLY want to make some rain barrels so that we can catch the rain and then use it to water our plants! That would be awesome to do and then I would be even more thankful for the rain!

Big Bubs is thankful for, "the Cars movie." The kids don't get to watch any TV or movies in our house unless, they are sick, we are traveling for a really long time (like an overseas airplane ride), or if mom (or dad) just needs a break. Yesterday BB was having a hard day and I finally gave in and put the movie Cars on. He sat quietly through the movie and when it was all done his body was reset and it was like he was a new kid. Of course, today when he woke-up that is all that he wanted to do! "Can we watch Cars?"

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