Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 12: Trader Joe's

Today I am thankful for Trader Joe's! It is my favorite grocery store and I am so thankful that I have one that is very close to me. They have great food that is healthy and their prices are very reasonable, even a little on the cheap side. Nathan and I usually do a big grocery shopping trip there on Sunday mornings at 8am when the store first opens. We are one of the few people there and it is so nice having the whole store to ourselves. I had to go there today because we were running out of food and I needed to get some stuff for my sister in-law and niece for their plane ride the next day. It was a bit busier, but I still didn't mind! Right now I am loving the store because they have in all of their Thanksgiving food and that is my favorite food!

Big Bubs is thankful for, "Aunt Karen coming to visit." He is definitely right about that! It is really nice having her here. Whenever she comes I always get to go and have a pedicure, so my toenails are looking all snazzy right now! Plus, she is very good at entertaining the boys. Our niece came too, but unfortunately she got sick :(

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