Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: Playdates

First, I would like to make the disclaimer that I am beyond thankful for my kids, family, friends, health, and overall general life. I could write about each of those and fill up the 30 days, but I wanted to write about some more random things I am thankful for :)

Today I am thankful for playdates! I LOVE playdates!...Mostly playdates for the kids :) When we have playdates it makes my day go by so much quicker. Also, BB is a really shy kid, so when we are out and about he is extra well behaved and I don't have to reprimand him at all for being mean to his brother. It is really relaxing. It is also so nice to get out and get to do something different than staying at home. The added bonus for me is that I get to hang out with other adults and that is such a nice thing to do!!!

BB is thankful for, "the train I got today." We went to a birthday party at a train museum and all of the kids got a toy train for their party favor. I think that BB is really getting this whole "thankful" thing!

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