Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 19: Alone Time with the Big Bubs

Today I am thankful for time alone that I get with Big Bubs. There isn't a lot of time where I am just with Big Bubs. The times that we are alone are when I am putting him to bed, when Little Bubs is taking a nap, and when we do our weekly Trader Joe's shopping trip. The times that we are alone are usually very short and we aren't doing anything really fun. Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party. I decided to leave LB at home with my husband so that they could get some bonding time and so that I could have some alone time with BB. It was so much fun! BB was shy at first and wanted me right by his side, but then after awhile he warmed up and was running around like crazy and participating in the games that they were doing. It was a lot of fun hanging out with him. He was in a GREAT mood all of the time, which is rare when LB is around. I realize that he probably needs more alone time with just one of us because he does have a hard time dealing with LB. I think that we will have to try and plan more outings together because it was a lot of fun!

BB is thankful for, "the bus." I'm not sure where this one came from because I don't remember him seeing a bus, but he must have seen one somewhere and had that on his mind!

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