Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 26: No Traffic

Today I am thankful for no or light traffic on the freeways. We made our trek back home from Sacramento and it wasn't a pleasant trip. The first part it was going well because both of the boys were asleep and traffic wasn't too bad. Then we stopped a little past the halfway point and it was all downhill from there :( Traffic started to get backed up because of some accidents that were on the other side of the road and there was just the extra holiday traffic. I think that close to an hour was added to our drive because of the traffic. The second half of the trip the boys didn't sleep and Little Bubs was screaming for a lot of the time, which then would make Big Bubs start to cry. Being in this situation it just made me really thankful for when there is no traffic on long car rides! Hopefully, when we do our next long ride it won't be so bad!

BB is thankful for, "Dad putting him to sleep." It is funny because I actually ended up putting him to bed :)

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